Unmatched reliability and performance

no moving parts mean zero maintenance.

Up to 25-year parts and performance warranty.

Engineering Excellence Since 1976

With a heritage of innovation, Steamgard is the global leader in optimizing systems.

Energy Efficiency & Green Technology

GHG emission and carbon footprint reductions with proven energy savings of 10% to 35%.

Tailor Fit Technology And Solutions

Steamgard offers fully custom technologies to meet your efficiency goals.

Improved Safety

Eliminate dangerous water-hammer and prolong the useful life of equipment.

Proven Results

Increased product quality and production rates and decreased operational/maintenance costs.

PT. Teknologi Energi Solusi is The Sole Distributor of STEAMGARD® in Indonesia


with STEAMGARD® as our main business, we provide solutions to answer your needs in energy savings and production efficiency which leads to the increase of bottom line profit. Our professional engineers will serve your company for the installation of STEAMGARD SYSTEM® to replace mechanical steam traps in steam line.

STEAMGARD® is a device that originally produced by Engineering Resources Inc. U.S.A, that can be utilized in a large industry facility, in a university, medical center, and many more organization that use boiler in everyday activity.

Unlike mechanical steam traps, STEAMGARD® has no moving parts; from the durability point of view, this system will be more dependable for long term performance as moving parts are likely to be fails during operation which caused by dirt or malfunctioning mechanical system. No matter what your mechanical steam trap problem, you can depend upon THE STEAMGARD SYSTEM® for a permanent solution. Guaranteed!

THE STEAMGARD SYSTEM® can help you to immediately reduce energy consumption by 5-25% (even more) by replacing traditional mechanical steam traps. Hence, overall efficiency of your steam system will be significantly increased; furthermore, process control can be enhanced and productivity will be boost to generate bottom line benefits.

Steamgard System

STEAMGARD® Technology has no moving parts for dependable, long term performance. Based on experience, device with moving parts have very big possibility of failure. By eliminating the need for moving parts, this system has eliminates the need to inventory expensive spare parts. Many customers report the STEAMGARD® units that has been installed more than 20 years ago are still in everyday use; with NO FAILURES.

How It Works?

THE STEAMGARD SYSTEM® applies two-phase flow technology principal to a modified Venturi configuration to restrict steam flow while allowing continuous condensate removal. Steam and condensate pass through the STEAMGARD® unit in a series of staged steps. The denser liquid (condensate) throttles the nozzle, which keeps the steam from escaping. Erosive eddy currents are eliminated and any contamination is carried away with the condensate. Because condensate is created continuously in a working steam system, the condensate continuously chokes the nozzle from losing steam, as condensate is removed continuously.

THE STEAMGARD SYSTEM® has no moving parts, its components includes:

  • Modified Venturi nozzle to remove condensate
  • A strainer and secondary screen to protect the nozzle
  • How Steamgard Works

    Advantages of STEAMGARD® Technology

    • A reduction in fuel consumption.
      (On average, 10%.)
    • Reductions in both the boiler feedwater make-up and water treatment costs.
      (Due to lower steam demand.)
    • A consistent condensate return header pressure.
      (Due to no failed open traps.)
    • A reduction in corrosion in the steam system.
      (Due to the continuous and reliable removal of condensate.)
    • Improvements in the reliability and safety of the steam system components.
      (Minimizes thermal and hydraulic shock due to water hammer.)
    • Permanently reduces GHG emissions.
      (Due to lower steam demand.)
    • Simple inspection and maintenance.
      (No spare kits are required.)

    Advantages of STEAMGARD® Technology On Production

    • Better Reliability and Usage of Steam Equipment.
      (Continuous condensate removal reduces corrosion and elimination of water hammer results in lower erosion.)
    • Improved Product Quality and Lower Reject Rate.
      (Due to better heat transfer efficiency and higher quality or ‘dry’ steam .)
    • Higher Production Rate.
      (Due to improved trap reliability, uniform heating throughout the equipment)
    • Lower Downtime and Shutdowns.
      (STEAMGARD has no moving parts and is a maintenance free device)

    Steam/Fuel Saving Opportunities

      The typical examples of steam efficiency improvements in a manufacturing plant are:

    • Boiler blowdown heat recovery.
      (Typical savings are approximately 1% of the fuel.)
    • Reduction in live steam losses from the failed steam traps.
      (Typically min. 10% of the fuel to a lot more.)
    • Waste heat recovery opportunities.
    • Significant Reduction in Steam Trap Testing and Maintenance.
    Cost Savings
    US Energy Department

    United States of America Dept. of Energy - Conclusion

    “It makes no sense to continue spending tax payer dollars on maintaining mechanical steam traps that need to be replaced every 2.6 years and creates serious safety problems, when a better proven technology, the venturi-nozzle (STEAMGARD) steam trap, exists that increases safety, does not require mechanical maintenance, does not need replacement for twenty-five years, is significantly more energy efficient thereby less costly to own, and is better for the environment in that it reduces the carbon footprint of facilities.”

    US Department of Energy Benchmarking and Lessons Learned Report 2008